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Rock.n.Rogue.A.Boo.Bunny.Plague Adventure-PLAZA

Join Bunny and his friends from Boo Bunny Plague on a brand new adventure: A battle of the bands strewn across the nine levels of hell!Prepare for a dungeon crawl like you've never seen before. Choose between Bunny or one of his three BFF's: Gunny, Faye and Ganny. Grab your instrument and battle your way to victory across nine hellish levels of undead creatures, demons, and monsters.
Größe: 4.190 MB
Genre: Adventure, Action
Sprache(n): english

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Road Fist is a Beat 'em up style action game inspired by classic 80's / 90's fighting movies. The 3D movement provides a new panorama within the bilateral view (2D), adding more freedom and requiring a greater sense of direction from the player. The gameplay and difficulty is based on games like Dark Souls, where a stamina system is implemented and each enemy encountered can be deadly.
Größe: 1.570 MB
Genre: Action
Sprache(n): english



You play a character named Michael Anderson who's life from loss of his loved ones, turned upside down into his worst nightmare. Despite of losing both of his parents and wife by the tragic events, another recent tragedy struck Michael's life- mysterious dissapearance of his brother Lusifer. The haunting sarrows of terrible deaths, led Michael to the dark trail of using drugs.
Größe: 3.620 MB
Genre: Horror, Adventure
Sprache(n): english



Follow the quest-based story of Ashbourne through Alexander's eyes, with optional side activities around the world to complete.Fluid combat system, allowing different styles of combatAshbourne's contains a fluid combat system which allows players to deliver fatal attacks to enemies using an array of deadly weapons
Größe: 3.880 MB
Genre: Adventure, Action, RPG
Sprache(n): english



WATCH_DOGS 2 spielt in einer fiktionalen Umgebung mit vielen nachvollziehbaren Problemstellungen. Es bietet Spielern qualitativ hochwertige Unterhaltung, während sie die San Francisco Bay Area mit Marcus Holloway erkunden.Die Spieler erleben eine gigantische, dynamische offene Welt in der San Francisco Bay Area.
Größe: 22.660 MB
Genre: Action, Adventure
Sprache(n): english
Untertitel: multi-german



7 girls have been gathered in the hell spire. These girls, who are called, "Delinquents," are tainted by their criminal DNA. A special rehabilitation was prepared for these girls: the "Reformation Program." The goal of this program is to have the girls climb to the highest floor of the spire. If they do, their sins shall be atoned, and they can be revived back into the mortal world.
Größe: 1.760 MB
Genre: RPG, Strategie, Erotik
Sprache(n): english



Caladrius Blaze features not only the Shame Break system where you can view fantastic eye-candy cut-in graphics for both the playable characters and the bosses as they take damage and clothes are cut away, but also beautiful graphics and sound from star-studded production with character designer, Yasuda Suzuhito, famous for his work in Durarara!! and Devil Survivor, and Basiscape, who handled the sound in Oboro Muramasa.
Größe: 1.750 MB
Genre: Shooter, Action
Sprache(n): english


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