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Immortal: Unchained v1.10 + 3 DLCs - FitGirl Repack

The Azurian Mask of Pain is an ancient device that was built as the most severe kind of punishment for Azurian prisoners. With the expansion, you can start a new game as the Cursed One, who is fitted with the Mask of Pain. The mask makes the final death curses of your enemies linger for eternity, and the Cursed One will grow more and more afflicted throughout the game. In effect this means that we are adding a new class that will be bestowed a curse after defeating each of the main bosses. After every fight you will be asked to choose between 2 curses, which are unique to the boss, and in following NG+ playthroughs, you can either choose a stronger version of the same curse or choose to have both curses instead.
Größe: 4.940 MB
Genre: RPG, Action, Adventure



Tags: RPG, Adventure, Action

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