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Go All Out Lady Scarlet-PLAZA

Zorro, Yandere-Chan, Teslakid, Cole Black, Breakbone - all legendary fighters in one intense, fast-paced and action packed platform fighter. Boss battles, different game modes and unlockables - are you ready to Go All Out? Every match plays different and brings fighters to their limits in this intense 3D platform fighter.
Go All Out! offers beautiful 3D graphics of both characters and environments. Also nice, smooth and detailed animations.
Choose two of you favourite stages and watch a cross-stage feature during a match, that changes the field of battle!
Game features both local and multiplayer game modes for up to 8 players.
Größe: 1.800 MB
Genre: Fighting, Action
Sprachausgabe: English Flag
Untertitel/Texte: English Flag


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