Kerbal Space Program Shared Horizons Linux-ACTiVATED

The European Space Agency (ESA) and Kerbal Space Program have come together to bring you brand new content, including the ESA space-suit texture, new parts and variants, and two of their most iconic and groundbreaking missions into the game. Gear up, fuel up and prepare to share horizons with ESA and KSP!
Kerbal Space Program 1.10: Shared Horizons is the game’s latest major update aimed to continue with our efforts to enrich the KSP experience. Build a kerbalized version of the renowned and powerful Ariane 5 heavy launch vehicle, visit comets and push the limits of space exploration with a host of new additions to the game that not only will give you more things to do, but also make the game look and perform better with a bunch of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.
Größe: 1.600 MB
Genre: Simulation
Untertitel/Texte: Bt7zyznz English Flag


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